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Travel is the canvas upon which we paint the stories of our lives, each journey a stroke that opens our minds to the world’s diverse tapestry. In seeking destinations less traveled, we discover the hidden gems that enrich our souls, reminding us that adventure is the key to unlocking the fullest chapters of our personal narratives.

We welcome these travelers to become part of our Grafik story where we hope to foster journeys to the Philippines and beyond.

Colorful Cuisines

Locally inspired and seamlessly
integrated into our culinary tapestry

Our culinary journey is a vibrant exploration of local flavors and inspirations, meticulously crafted to leave an indelible mark in our gastronomic collection.

We celebrate the fusion of local traditions and expert craftsmanship, transforming each dish into a signature masterpiece. These delectable creations enrich the experience of every guest who indulges in the rich and diverse flavors of our offerings.

Chapter One

Unveiling the Grafik stories of the world

In every corner of the world, we embark on a quest to unearth narratives that breathe life into the very essence of our hotels.

This is merely a glimpse into the myriad
of stories woven across our diverse destinations, and we affectionately refer to it as ‘Chapter One.’

It marks the inception of our guests’ odyssey with us – a transformative moment when travelers metamorphose into the most captivating storytellers.

Curious Collections

Fostering arts and artisan
discovery and display

Within the heart of our brand lies a commitment to curate and celebrate the treasures of our local communities. Through our Arts and Artisans Programs, we aim to ignite a sense of curiosity that reverberates within our properties and beyond.

These programs encapsulate our dedication to discovery, featuring an array of captivating creations from nearby artisans and artists. Whenever possible, we proudly exhibit these unique gems within our properties, creating a rich display of local culture for our guests to explore and appreciate



Hidden in the pine forest hills of Baguio, is a captivating reinterpretation of arts, culture and tradition.
This gateway to the mountains offers a true sensory awakening.
Smell the forest, lose yourself in the mist, and taste the unique flavors of the region.
A place of magic and mystique where untold stories are around every corner.




Food & Beverage Outlets


Grand Ballroom



Welcome to

Embrace life. Create memories ... Live vivid.

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