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Filipino Hospitality Delivering Unique

Guest Experiences

Our hospitality business thrives in providing warm and authentic Filipino Hospitality-inspired guest experiences.   We have a dream for our unique brand of Filipino hospitality to be recognized around the world and hopefully translate into our guests returning to our destinations and through word of mouth enticing first time travelers to share in the same experiences.   A continuing virtuous cycle of well-delivered experiences and positive feedback will attract more guests to our properties and hopefully not just grow the business but impart positive benefits to the stakeholders who surround us.   

Our team takes pride in our accomplishments these past years in delivering memorable guest experiences as evidenced by consistently positive reviews on social media, even during challenging times such as natural disasters when our team members had to step up and make the best of the situation while keeping our guests protected and safe. 


Currently running 3 hotel brands spread across 7 properties, the Filinvest Hospitality Group is the highest ranking locally owned and managed hotel group based on TripAdvisor.

Sustaining the High Level of Service Quality

We do not rest on our laurels and we always strive to take our products and services to the next level.  


We want to achieve operational excellence better than the high average rating of 90% in TrustYou for 2021, a customer satisfaction tool that we employ. This will be achieved through the continuous improvement and development of our people by providing cutting edge trainings and industry leading workshops.


We want to maintain our top ranking in Trip Advisor among locally managed group of hotels.  But our long term aspiration is to be in the Top 3 of Trip Advisor global rankings.   We will achieve this sustainaining our high level of customer service and working on a number of impactful initiatives that will provide our guests with more value for money and more meaningful experiences.

Filipino Hospitality Shining After A Devastating Typhoon

On the evening of December 16, 2021, Category 5 supertyphoon Odette ravaged through the Central Visayas and wreaked havoc on the island of Mactan. Filinvest’s Crimson Mactan Resort was not spared. Strong winds and storm surges damaged both the landscape and resort facilities, and threatened the lives of both guests and staff. The day after gave the realization that community lifelines were cut; there was no electricity, no communications, no water, and transport services for the evacuation of guests were unavailable.

The resort staff were quick and decisive, immediately making the rounds at first light to assess the condition of all guests, and promptly declared that Crimson Mactan was no longer a resort, but a shelter. It became an ‘all hands on deck’ scenario where guests had to be asked to cope with the situation as there was so much to do.

Guests who were unable to leave immediately were told they can stay for free, and were provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner. As the cleanup work on the landscape and the facilities were ongoing, the staff even found the time to organize a bonfire and dinner buffet at the beach area on the second day, deploying mats and bean bags on the sand. All guests were taken care of and assisted by staff until they all found their way back home safely.

Quoting the Facebook post of Yvonne Lucindo Biyo, a guest who was checked in at the time:

“When you find a team that shows their humanity, their grace under pressure, their wanting to provide a wonderful guest experience no matter the situation, you stick with them. You wish them all the courage it will take to build back, you send them all the LOVE and positive energies so they could do more! Mabuhay kayo, padayon!”

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